Archives and Research

Graham Thompson has written a Short History of Christow, which can be read here.

Postcard of Smithay

We encourage and support research into local matters. The Devon History Society and the Dartmoor National Park Authority are valuable contacts and are committed to supporting us.

We are closely involved with the East Dartmoor History Association which runs courses aimed at how to carry out research and to the proposed Teign Valley Museum & Archive Centre (a Charitable Trust) to make our records more easily accessible to the general public for research into local, social and family history

To this end we are appealing for any artefacts relating to the history of the Teign Valley. Things such as photographs, memories, and objects such as items used around the home in distant times. If space becomes available larger objects such as agricultural equipment could be shown.

Please check with us before you throw anything away!

If you have items you would rather keep within the family we would ask that you lend them to us so we can photocopy or photograph them first. We are committed to getting them back to you within 24 hours.

TV Tales

Teign Valley Tales is a book recording memories of Valley residents.

So many memories of the recent past are being lost as people grow older. Anyone under about 50 years old does not understand pounds, shillings and pence. They certainly won't have heard how people in the early 1940s had to suddenly dive into a ditch to avoid the gunfire from German fighters as they screamed overhead in the second World War. Our older Valley residents have taken the opportunity to record their memories of when the first tractor appeared in the area, what it was like to fill up their lamps with paraffin or to go to the water chutes or village pumps to collect water rather than the convenience of turning on a tap.

This book contains conversations with 24 residents of the Teign Valley, recorded by Graham Thompson, and reporting all these and more. The results are a fascinating read bringing to life the ways of Valley folk just in living memory.

The book, published by Teign Valley History Group to which all proceeds go, has 232 pages and costs £9.99

It is available from Christow Stores, Dunsford Post Office, The Artichoke Inn or Graham Thompson on 01647 253145 or via email

Maggie Bonnell and Shane Edgar wrote 'Weather in the Teign Valley' in 2011. Their paper, which involved a lot of research, can be read here.

They also wrote a detailed piece about 'The Christow World War 1 Memorial'. It can be read here

The History Group thank Maggie and Shane for making their work available to members.

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